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A hunger and a thirst for better food choices…wisdom from my day at Polyface Farm

A hunger and a thirst for better food choices…wisdom from my day at Polyface Farm

A hunger and a thirst for better food choices…wisdom from my day at Polyface Farm

Michael and I spent the weekend in Staunton, VA, September 9-10 and capped off the visit with a trip to Polyface Farm in nearby Swoope. We were there for two super serious reasons: to stock our freezer with farm-fresh meat and sausage making staples—where else can you get pastured pork fatback?—and to support farmers like Joel Salatin (shown at left between two of his biggest fans whom you may recognize) who make it possible for us city folk to eat a diet composed of nutrient dense food.

The benefit at Polyface was for the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund(www.ftcldf.com), which enables farmers to provide meat, milk and other goods directly to consumers, a cause that’s hit a lot closer to home lately as I strive to feed my family a diet that includes pastured, sustainably raised meat. Lots of supporters from the Weston A. Price Foundation were in attendance (www.wapf.org) including Sally Fallon Morrell, whose Nourishing Traditons cookbook was my introduction to all things pastured and fermented.

We toured the farm with a couple hundred others ranging from farmer to foodie to activist, and learned directly from the master, Joel, how pastured animals are raised and how a farm that grows animals to feed people can be sustainable.

Michael and I dined next to the Salatins’ latest crop of interns and apprentices– young men who come from all over the country to learn how to farm the Polyface way. There’ a growing mandate for food that’s raised in a manner in which the farmer can be a steward of the land even while producing enough for sale to make a living. What a concept!

When we had finished lunch, Joel talked again briefly to the group, and he asked us all to be ambassadors of these messages to the folks around us—giving people the nudge they need to develop “a hunger and a thirst” for something better. I really couldn’t agree more. We all deserve better then unpronounceable, boxed, processed food replicas that ruin our health and make us fat.

Are you ready for something better?


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