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Why Soy Can Damage Your Health

Why Soy Can Damage Your Health

Why Soy Can Damage Your Health

Why Soy Can Damage Your Health

Recently, a friend posted a question on my Facebook wall wondering why she was seeing negative information about soy.   I figured she was not alone wondering why the contradictions exist about benefits and dangers of soy, so I’m posting some information that I hope helps you decide if soy is right in your diet.

I’ve included aSo what’s the verdict? Is soy bad?

The simplest answer I’ve found is that unless soy is fermented (think soy sauce, tempeh, miso) it’s not a great source of human nutrition.  Soy has gone from being basically a condiment for Japanese food to a main ingredient in all kinds of processed faux milks, meat substitutes, and food additives in the last few decades.  A lot of the recent research shows that this processed but not fermented soy causes hormone disruption (most of us don’t need extra estrogen that comes from soy), and even stimulation for cancer cells.

I take almost all media hype around food very lightly, so I think panic about soy danger is unwarranted.  However, I do think limiting commercially processed unfermented soy products in your diet is smart for the reasons named above.

Remember to check your food labels for hidden soy as well.  Since soy is also considered a common allergen, food manufacturers will usually notate the presence of soy on their packaging.

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