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When, why, and how to supplement probiotics

When, why, and how to supplement probiotics

When, why, and how to supplement probiotics

Ah, a healthy gut. When digestion is healthy, the body is working in perfect harmony, everything “moves” at the right time, and immune function soars. That’s not my gut, you say?

Digestive problems of one sort or another have become common. Too much processed food and high levels of stress make for a bad combination that can result in constipation, diarrhea and more serious diseases with autoimmune implications like IBS and Chrohn’s disease. None of this is anyone’s idea of a good time, and probiotics could be part of a well rounded program for helping make digestion feel better.

Probiotics are the “good” bacteria that live in the large and small intestines, effectively acting as the police against invading species of bacteria, parasites, and other pathogens. However, processed food, heavy metals, stress, and other “normal” parts of modern life can leave the body’s natural supply of good bacteria overmatched. That’s when trouble can start, which is why some people benefit greatly from supplementing probiotics.

Probiotics can be found in very small amounts in food like yogurt, but the amount in the food is usually not enough to nullify the effects of the added sugars and other additives that are also in that food. I usually recommend a capsule or powdered supplement that can be mixed with water and taken as directed because I’ve seen much better results in people’s health when they use the right probiotic.

But how to choose? There are many brands available, some shelf stable and some that need refrigeration. I offer several types of probiotics in my office that can be tested for compatibility with a simple muscle test. Getting the right one can be a key component in a health plan.

If you are experiencing frequent illness, poor digestion, inflammation or a time of stress, it could be time for us to talk about getting the right kind of probiotic supplement into your routine.

I’m offering $25 off a digestion analysis appointment, so it’s only $75 to get on the right track to better digestive health. Reach out at amy@wellnessworksllc.net to get on my schedule. Appointments can be in person or by phone.

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