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What to eat now: Go with the flow of the season with raw foods

What to eat now: Go with the flow of the season with raw foods

What to eat now: Go with the flow of the season with raw foods

Radish Sprouts April 2013

Seasonal eating is one of the first ways I teach beginners to add new foods to their diets.

It’s also somewhat of a mystery, since most foods are available year-round thanks to our world-wide food distribution system that has rendered the seasons moot in many grocery stores.

Just because those apples are available in April, it does not make them the most ideal choice.  The longer a food has been in storage (by now that’s months for your average apple), the lower the nutritional content.

So how do you start to identify what’s truly in season?

  1. Start gardening.  You’ll find out quickly that lettuce actually likes cooler temps and kale tastes downright bitter by August when it’s gone to seed.  These lessons abound.  Read those seed packets to find out when stuff grows in your geography.
  2. Visit Farmer’s Markets that source locally.  Ask farmers which foods to expect from his farm during the months the market is open.
  3. Observe what foods look freshest and are pleasing to the eye.  Mushy, pale veggies are not nearly as nourishing as the ones that are vibrant and colorful.

Your body truly knows best.  There is a reason we start craving cooler things in spring and summer and warmer denser foods in fall and winter.  Get in touch with that inner voice that connects you to your food and start enjoying the abundance of seasonal eating.

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