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What if you want to lose more than 1 pound per week?

What if you want to lose more than 1 pound per week?

What if you want to lose more than 1 pound per week?

Aha!   Those of you who have visited the first FREE module in my spring weight loss seminar series already know how to set a realistic weight loss goal and achieve it with confidence. In this exercise, we focus on losing one pound per week consistently and arriving at an exact size and weight of our choosing at a point in the future.

Great. But what if you want (or need) to go faster?

In the first teleclass April 6, we’re going to go over the core system that’s the basis for 4 weeks of personal coaching and focused intention on changing the old ways of “dieting” and ushering in new ways to manage  metabolism and body size.

I think of it like 3 dials on a fat burning machine (that’s you!).   Depending on your choices, you can crank up one dial and change your weight and metabolism a little or crank up all three and change your body very quickly. On Wednesday, you’ll learn how to crank your dials and decide how fast you want to go getting to the body size you’ve chosen. Here’s a preview of what you’ll learn in the teleclass on the 6th (and remember, if you can’t be there, you will have a download available):

  • What to do to make the slightest bit of exercise work overtime on your metabolism.
  • The food group you can limit (but not eliminate) that will blast off belly pooch (and it might not be what you think).
  • How you can still enjoy foods that fill you up and keep you fueled without feeling hunger or deprivation.  (Yum…this is the best part! I HATE to starve, and I won’t do it!)

If you haven’t logged on to the freebies, go to www.losefatwithamy.com. From there, you can register for the teleclass (it’s a link to paypal).  This will be the last time this program is offered at this rate, so sign up today and get your best body before summer!


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