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What I do when I get a salt craving…

What I do when I get a salt craving…

What I do when I get a salt craving…

I had it on my calendar this week to blog about my affection for salt, and then Joe Mercola went and did a giant article on the same subject.  I was at once elated (we agree!) and deflated (that was MY blog post idea!).  You the reader get the best of both.  I’m going to reveal exactly how I handle my salt cravings and I’m linking to Joe’s very comprehensive article that’s full of medical details and evidence.

Here’s the link to Joe’s Article about salt.

And, here’s what I do when I get a hankering for something salty:  I EAT IT.

We have no salt restrictions whatsoever in our house and we all love to sprinkle the stuff on our food.  And yet, no one has high blood pressure, including me.  How can this be?

Here’s the deal:

1.  Processed sodium chloride isn’t very healthy.  It’s processed with chemicals at high temps, and humans should avoid it.  This is the “table salt” that’s in most processed food and what most Americans think of when we think “salt”.   I DO NOT eat this stuff, and it does not exist in my house.

2.  Natural salt, such as himalayan salt (it’s pink), or celtic sea salt (it’s grey) are great unprocessed choices and have a balance of minerals including sodium choride that are naturally symbiotic and easy for humans to eat with great results.  Sometimes a salt craving can be a “cry” for minerals, and this is the only kind of salt that’s going to answer that call effectively.

3.  What if ALL salt seems to make you puffy?  I’m glad you asked.  It’s actually not the salt, it’s the imbalance between the ratio of sodium and potassium you’re consuming, and a likely sign that more potassium is needed.  Where to get that?  Green and leafy green veggies are the best source.  Seaweed is also a good source of balanced minerals including potassium and sodium.  The other answer to this imbalance is to eliminate all processed foods, which are notoriously sodium heavy and very much out of balance with human biology.

Those are pretty much the basics, and those three tenets guide my interaction with this yummy mineral.   Naturally, you should do what feels right for your body, and be aware of how difference substances, including salt, interact with your system.   Read more from Mercola for his take on heart and other medical conditions, which are beyond the scope of this post.

While you’re at it, what’s your experience with different “salts”?  Leave a comment about your favorite kind of salt and how you use it below.



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