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Tuesday night soccer practice=time for fast food…

Tuesday night soccer practice=time for fast food…

Tuesday night soccer practice=time for fast food…

Exquisite Pizza Sauce Recipe – Allrecipes.com.

I mixed up this pizza sauce in advance on Sunday, knowing Tuesday night with work, soccer practice and life, would be a little crazy.  So, Tuesday, I grabbed some focaccia out of the freezer (thank you Marco at the Thursday Manassas Farmer’s Market), smeared some of my pre-made organic sauce, added toppings, tossed a salad and viola!  Dinner.  Tasty too!  (I’ll post my vinaigrette when it’s not soccer night)

Please note the JAR of organic tomato paste.  Tomato cans are known to be one of the worst BPA offenders with their plastic linings.  I get these jars in the organic section of Wegmans.  Oh, and I didn’t have anchovy paste on hand, so I added some salt.  Still yummy 🙂

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2 Responses to “Tuesday night soccer practice=time for fast food…”

  1. Amy Stuart Butchko

    Dia…a quick internet search reveals that you saved your family contact with some Micky D’s french fries with an alarming 8 g transfat per serving or the “premium” chicken breast strips with another 4.5 grams transfat.

    The Papa doesn’t use transfat (and has truth in labeling…zero is zero not .5 or less as you’ll find on many labels). You’ll see on Micky’s site that the ever-popular “chicken nugget,” ubiquitous in Happy Meals, SAYs no transfat in the nutrition facts but actually contains hydrogenated soybean oil, which is a transfat, and is listed in the ingredients right below the nutrition facts.

    So, nice work by you.


    Hope the fam enjoyed the change of pace!


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