Learn the most effective ways to reduce stress, increase energy and improve personal wellness.

Karen Rucker
““I came to Amy a complete mess and very anxious about what she would say and the changes I would need to make. The great thing is, that Amy didn’t come at me pointing fingers…but only make me feel better implementing natural ways to keep everything in check and manage life as I know it. ... Read moreKaren Rucker
Lea and Jessy Dawson
“Jessy was suffering from almost daily headaches and not able to control her weight in spite of a very active lifestyle and dance schedule. A few simple changes have kept headaches away and helped her maintain healthy weight and high energy.  We are VERY grateful for all you have done in helping us with Jessy’s ... Read moreLea and Jessy Dawson
Dawn Krynitsky
“Working with Amy has helped me feel better about myself,  and I’ve noticed that my life is “clicking”  into place all the time. I’ve also gotten my weight moving in the right direction and learned how to take great care of myself.  This program has helped me where others have failed. Thank you!... Read moreDawn Krynitsky
Dawn Weber
“I was overwhelmed with trying to find gluten-free food options for my family after we got a Celiac diagnosis for one of my children. Amy helped me learn how to prioritize food preparation and shopping and I learned new skills that have earned me rave reviews in the kitchen for the first time in my life.  ... Read moreDawn Weber
Jean Walker-Wiley
“After hearing Amy’s presentation about enzymes and nutrition as part of my health coaching program with Eve Colantoni, I believed I might be a good candidate for enzyme therapy.   I was right!   The enzymes helped my digestive complaints and I felt much better within a couple of weeks.  Amy also worked with me on ... Read moreJean Walker-Wiley
Julie Johns
“When I first started working with Amy I suffered severe nausea and liver pain due to antibiotics and herbal supplementation for multiple infections. Her recommendations helped tremendously. I am now able to eat a greater variety and volume of foods, and the nausea is gone.  Working with Amy has significantly improved my quality of life ... Read moreJulie Johns
Kaye Taft
“I was in nearly constant stomach pain including many sleepless nights, and my doctor warned me that I would need gallbladder surgery if things kept up they way they were going.  Around that time, I met Amy through a friend, and in just a few months of working with her on food and supplements, I ... Read moreKaye Taft
Neal Frick
“I’ve struggled through yo-yo diets, insane workout regimens and a plethora of diet pills promising “quick results”  that I never saw. I met Amy Butchko at a particularly low point in my on-again, off-again dieting. I was 320lbs and gaining, and my diet consisted solely of fast food and “convenient” meals. I had near constant ... Read moreNeal Frick
Amy Reiley
“I started my journey with you because I wanted to make changes to my diet that would benefit my family and me.  While we definitely achieved that end, what I didn’t expect was the connection I gained between my body and the rest of me.  I am so much more in tune with what fuels ... Read moreAmy Reiley
“I’m up to 18 pounds lost in two months, and I have Amy to thank for this wonderful program. I feel great and have so much more energy! I’ve also tamed my sugar cravings. I loved the recipes and getting to see “a day in the life” of a health coach.... Read moreCindy