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Summer check-out (and a reminder for reorder clients…)

Summer check-out (and a reminder for reorder clients…)

Summer check-out (and a reminder for reorder clients…)

I know I’ve been a quiet blogger in these recent months,  and now I am writing now mainly to remind those of you who might need products (enzymes, probiotics, etc) from me before August 15 to get those ordered before the office closes from Saturday, August 16-Sept 2.  Ideally, I’d like orders in by end of day August 14 so I can mail them out on Friday.

This is an annual vacation I look forward to every year–two whole weeks off!–but this year I’m particularly grateful that I both have work and the ability to step away from work.

I’ve had some of my own health challenges this summer, which have sometimes offered daily reminders of just how fortunate I am to be able to make a contribution and make a living even while not operating at full throttle.    Here are a few of my takeaways from the summer that was almost lost:

1.  Anyone can get sick, including me.

2.  Getting well might not be on my preferred schedule.

3.  Wear really good bug repellent.  My current winner is Doterra’s TerraShield, which I no longer leave home without. As in, I don’t even walk in my yard, which was where I was bitten by two different ticks this summer that have resulted in a cascade of tick-induced infections and subsequent treatment. Which brings me to…

4.  Have a team ready to go in the case of a health crisis.   I’ve had to lean on my spouse (a lot), friends, doctors, co-workers and countless others because healing takes a ton of energy I did not have to spare.  I am feeling ridiculously grateful right now that I can have time away from the office that’s a vacation and not thinly veiled sick leave.

I’ll be back in the office on Sept 2 for appointments and consultations.


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