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Sick of reading labels in the dark? Problem solved here…

Sick of reading labels in the dark?  Problem solved here…

Sick of reading labels in the dark? Problem solved here…

LINK: CSPI Releases Food Additives Mobile App

FINALLY!  Now there are Android and iPhone apps you can use to find out if what you are buying is toxic!

Sure, it would be easier if all our food came from farms and not factories, but that’s not where we live.  So, for 99 cents you can solve this problem and look up food additive names in real time and get the scoop on whether humans should consume the unpronounceable in your cart.  YAY!

Why worry about the unprounouceables?  Well, for starters, many of them are carcinogenic, and most of them can’t be metabolized in the human digestive tract.

That would be fine, if you could count on them just passing out of you as waste via the normal elimination routes of sweat, tears, urine or feces.  Except your body does something else with them: it stores the “unknown” in your fat cells.

That’s right…any extra weight you are carrying is THE chemical hot spot for your body.   That’s why when you lose weight sometimes you don’t feel great–those bad guys pass out of your system which can make you feel gross (headachey, tired), but then once they are gone, you feel fantastic. It can make losing weight frustrating at first.

Getting this stuff OUT of your system is a key element of losing weight the healthy way, which is why if you are carrying extra pounds, you need to consider how the detox period will affect you when you lose weight.

Stay tuned for more on this topic…I have a detox program ramping up for May, and the details are coming soon.  Of course, I’ll have plenty of FREE resources and tips, so check back often for new information.

Meantime, get this app!  Quit adding to your toxic load today.

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