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New Summer Hours and Location for Appointments with Amy

New Summer Hours and Location for Appointments with Amy

New Summer Hours and Location for Appointments with Amy


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Starting in June, I’ll be honoring the season (and my daughter’s school calendar) by meeting my clients exclusively out of my home office in Bristow.


My NEW office address is:

14053 Rora Moss Place, Bristow, VA


Hours:  Tuesday 1-4, Thursday and Friday 4-6.  Other days by appointment.


Lighthouse Chiropractic has kindly allowed me to use its space for the last year, and I’ve enjoyed that time immensely, but with a busy 10 year old this summer it just made sense to bring my business under one roof.


Working with nutrition always makes me want to have access to my kitchen where I can quickly do an impromptu demonstration or find a favorite remedy I use at home easily at hand.  Bringing my enzyme and nutrition practice full time at home allows all my clients the same benefits.


Over the years, I’ve collected scores of health references, cookbooks, and honed the perfect set of tools that make life EASY, creating a peaceful space with food that I love to share with anyone who’d like to learn.


Along those lines, I’ve also updated my cooking class schedule with weekend classes in June and July for only $27 per person.


For now, I am looking forward to seeing you in Bristow for your regular nutrition and enzyme supplementation appointments.


For more information or to set an appointment, contact me at 703.791.9355 or amy@wellnessworksllc.net.




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