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my breakfast (or whenever I need a quick lift) smoothie

my breakfast (or whenever I need a quick lift) smoothie

my breakfast (or whenever I need a quick lift) smoothie

Here’s my counter set up as I am putting together the morning smoothies.  Usually, I do this after I get back from my walk in the AM so I have something cold and some sustenance fast.  My smoothie is pretty simple:

About a cup of ice

A chard stem or  a handful of spinach or other green

Enough kombucha (homemade) to cover and make about 24 oz total liquid

scoop of whey (I use True Whey–it’s the only one I have found from grass fed cows)

scoop of hemp protein (organic)

tablespoon of flax

tablespoon of maca powder

tablespoon of cacao powder

tablespoon of lecithin granules

I wiz it all up in my Vitamix and I am good til at least lunch.   Visit the Vitamix page for other smoothie ideas to find other things to try and, er, mix it up.

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5 Responses to “my breakfast (or whenever I need a quick lift) smoothie”

  1. Amy Stuart Butchko

    …it’s a little sweet…definitely not bitter…I don’t do a lot of fruit, but if you added some this would be really sweet. I think my taste buds have adjusted where I am not really sure how sweet things taste to other people anymore though, so the thing to do is experiment with ingredients until you get a mix that meets your needs and you can deal with how it tastes. Michael usually does his with homemade soy milk (we ferment ours and make it with seaweed…see previous blog post on soy) and about a cup of frozen organic fruit. He likes a little extra sweet and does not like kombucha. The main thing for us is to have an easy morning breakfast option that gives us what we need–sustained energy that’s not really heavy. The protein combo here is fantastic for us–it took some experimenting, but the whey/hemp combo is very satisfying.

  2. Amy Stuart Butchko

    good question Jennifer. I don’t track that stuff usually…the health counseling process I went through is more about learning to listen to what your body wants by the results you get, but I will grab my containers and see if I can give you an estimate.

  3. Amy Stuart Butchko

    Here’s the basics on nutrition…can’t put a value on eating raw food and getting your greens first thing in the morning 😉

    calories fat protein carbs sugar
    257 13.75 21.5 17 3.5


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