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It’s time for a hot breakfast. Every day. « simplybeingwell.com

It’s time for a hot breakfast. Every day. « simplybeingwell.com

It’s time for a hot breakfast. Every day. « simplybeingwell.com

It’s time for a hot breakfast. Every day. « simplybeingwell.com.



Thanks Monica for writing the post about hot breakfast.  It’s like a religion around here, and not just in the cold months.  Sure, I do my protein smoothie with greens on the weekdays (I like to get some green and raw first thing–we’re all different!), but the child gets eggs and toast, eggs, sausage and toast (usually sprouted or sourdough).  One of the things we learned about Sadie a couple of years ago (yes, she’s seen a nutritionist when I need an unbiased opinion :)) was that she needs PROTEIN.  I can absolutely tell when she’s not had enough–dark circles, lower energy and annoyingly unfocused.   I am posting some pics of our breakfast too…though make sure you visit simplybeingwell at the link above for other ideas.   Also, take note of Monica’s facts about breakfast cereal.  It’s NOT health food, and you can do much better by your offspring than a box of extruded pops.

On a side note, Sadie is now 7 and in 2nd grade, and she has started to try to “beat me to the kitchen” in the AM to cook for herself.  Now, I have to admit that most days, I still cook–I am a far more efficient breakfast maker–but I am encouraged that it won’t be long before she’s doing her own hot breakfast.  It only took a few years of watching me, a few eggshells in the scramble, and some mess :).  Seems a small price to pay for a life skill that will serve her long after she’s out of the house and I am done “serving” her.

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  1. Bette Sherman

    Amy, Michael and Sadie
    I can’t tell you how much I enjoy this blog. I can only wish you continued good health, happiness and success.
    Hugs to all

    • amybutchko

      Thanks Bette…keep the comments coming 🙂 I think I learned some of my first really good nutrition information from books in your store. I remember being at lead share meetings thinking…why does she have all these books about milk? Ha! Now I am converted!


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