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Is it worth it to make a healthier cupcake?

Is it worth it to make a healthier cupcake?

Is it worth it to make a healthier cupcake?

Easy Healthy Cupcake Recipes | Eating Well.

A friend asked me yesterday to share how I handle the “healthy cupcake” problem—the one brought on by “cupcake walks” and birthday parties, and other places kids of all ages tend to congregate.  It was a great questions, and reminded me I had stashed these recipes from an Eating Well magazine from last year so I could bake them this year when Sadie turns 8.

But is it really worth the effort?  I wonder this to myself even as I go to great lengths to purify almost every other aspect of my family’s diet.  I mean, it’s a cupcake:  a sugary combination of  nutritionally void ingredients designed to make you feel festive and happy and sweet.  What’s to be gained by messing with it?  Sugar is sugar: a substance that does nothing to enhance health or wellness whether it’s organic evaporated cane juice or GMO high fructose corn syrup.

Here’s what I figured out by looking at my alternatives.

1.  I can buy them at the grocery store and subject masses of people including my child to transfats (read the labels….hydrogentated oils hang out at the grocery store bakery…gross!), a ton of processed sugar (helloooo behavior problems), and artificial colors, preservatives and assorted unpronouncable chemicals (too many downsides to list!).

2.  I can make them from a box.  I did this last year.  Found an organic mix and hoped for the best.  Time was of the essence as I recall, and these did pretty well.  Still more sugar than I would like though.

3.  I can make them from scratch using one of the recipes linked to this post.  It’s not much harder than “the box”.  I can also be choosy about my frosting.  This year I am trying the eggwhite frosting on the blueberry cupcakes.  I like fluff, and less fat can’t hurt.  The sugar content is all anyone needs in a whole day, but in absence more temperance, we’re going to go for it.

Tomorrow, I’ll stick with the sweet theme and post my best chocolate cake recipe that happens to be vegan.  You can try it as cupcakes too.

Keep your eyes peeled in the next week for my warm up modules for the spring weight loss boot camp!  (Ha ha…I know cupcakes and weight loss…it’s just not fair!)




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