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How to stop a sugar craving COLD

How to stop a sugar craving COLD

How to stop a sugar craving COLD

I hate it when my genes betray me, and when it comes to sugar, mine are a total sellout, giving up all semblance of rational thinking at the sight of a gooey dessert or some other sweet thing I just must have.

Sure sugar can have pretty terrible impacts on health, but it also happens to be one of those things that we humans are actually hardwired to LOVE to eat. The problem here in modern society is that there is a lot more of it to go around then back in the good old days when we had to forage in nature for all our vittles. What to do?

The way I see it (and live it), we have a few options:

1. Relent and eat all the sugar we want and hope we have the kind of biology in place where we won’t have to worry about over-weight, diabetes, heart disease or any of the other myriad diseases with direct links to sugar induced insulin resistance. (This is my ideal “dream” scenario where I get better genes!)

2. Relent and eat all the sugar we want and medicate the above issues.

3. Rely on “will-power” to control those dire moments of “weakness” when we cannot resist the power of pie. (For the record, I have no will-power, so this is not an option for me).

4. Find better ways to control cravings that do not rely on will-power or won’t power or super powers.

Option 4 is where I’ve spent a fair amount of my time and energy. After I found out humans are essentially hard-wired to eat sugar at every possible moment and learned from personal experience that will-power is a disaster waiting to happen, I wanted to know if there are better options for controlling cravings.

Turns out, there are. Now, in my world, we don’t eat a perfect, snack-free, sugar-free diet, so these ideas may not help you if your definition of success is never sneaking some of your kids’ Halloween candy ever again. But, there are ways to minimize the damage and the desire to indulge enough to impact your health and your waistline (cuz that IS where the stuff sits when you’re done enjoying it, you know).

Here are my top 3 tips for getting sugar into a manageable space. I hope these work for you as well as they do for me!

1. Make sure you are getting enough protein. Deficiency can show up as a major sugar craving. Getting the right protein for you is absolutely key, so experiment and see how your body reacts to: beans/legumes, steak, chicken, fish, and eggs. If you are a vegetarian this can be a big lift, but you’r already committed to one cause, make it a priority to find the right protein for your body.

2. Eat saurkraut. Yep, bizarre but true, it actually knocks out sugar cravings. Eat a little with your meals or as an “appetizer.” You’ll crave less later. Cool, right?

3. Don’t use artificial sweeteners. Your body is not fooled! It thinks you are giving it sugar, and you’ll keep craving the stuff until your brain (which runs on glucose) is satisfied. Artificial sweeteners like nutrasweet, aspartame and other chemicals only create the “sweet” in your mouth, not in your body, so the cravings WILL continue.

If you like these tips and want to see more of my natural weight loss material, visit www.losefatwithamy.com, and sign up for my free ebook (more tips), or enroll in the program and see what a difference 4 weeks makes around your waist!

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