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How I stop chocolate cravings (and what they are really about!)

How I stop chocolate cravings (and what they are really about!)

How I stop chocolate cravings (and what they are really about!)

This post may not be what you expect, so get ready to question your assumptions about what cravings are AND what to do about them.

Chocolate, yum! Craved by women everywhere, especially around “that time” chocolate is the creamy, slightly bitter, slightly sweet antidote to a hum-drum afternoon. But why oh why must we have it?

Cravings are our bodies’ way of telling us something is missing, and chocolate fills some very real nutritional voids, particularly in the modern diet. Due to mineral depletion in soil, many of the foods that used to satisfy our human needs for minerals don’t anymore (all veggies, particularly if they are not organic fall into this category).

Where this leaves us is CRAVING things that are relatively high in minerals. And, ounce for ounce, dark chocolate is higher in manganese, magnesium, calcium and other key minerals for reproduction like folic acid than “health” foods like flax seeds, brazil nuts, yogurt and edamame. (source: click here)

Here’s what I do about chocolate (or any) craving:

1. Sometimes I give in. In the case of chocolate, it’s pretty easy. Dark chocolate is very low in sugar (yay!), so I can eat a third or half of a bar with no guilt or consequences.

2. I make sure I’m not just bored. My own health coach taught me that eating because I’m sad or bored is something to look out for. I might still give in, but if a small portion does not satisfy, I do some work on “me” because lack of nutrition is clearly not the problem. This is a blog post–or a life’s work–to explore! Let me know in the comments if this topic is something you want to know more about or discuss.

3. I try to fill the rest of my meals with nutrient dense foods and high quality protein. I use raw cacao in my smoothie for flavor and eat and juice plenty of leafy greens. Another little known tip for mineralization is eating and cooking with stock from animal bones. Have you tried it? I have a super easy way to make stock at home. I’ll write about it sometime if anyone is interested. Let me know below.

Honestly, that’s it. I’m a busy lady, and this is the stuff that works, so I stick with it. How do you tackle your need for chocolate? Give a share! We’re all here to learn.

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