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How I know if my body is enzyme deficient (Hint…I feel TERRIBLE)

How I know if my body is enzyme deficient (Hint…I feel TERRIBLE)

How I know if my body is enzyme deficient (Hint…I feel TERRIBLE)

I recently took a class where we spent an entire weekend learning about a handful of the thousands of enzymes that occur in nature and in our bodies. Here is my takeaway: Enzymes are responsible for darn near every bodily function you can think of!

So now when I’m not feeling right, I immediately think enzymes first for a couple of simple reasons.

1. Enzymes produced during digestion make sure vitamins and minerals get where they need to go to keep me healthy, and

2. Metabolic enzymes regulate the cells, tissues, and organs helping with growth, healing, and repair.

If you accept that, it’s easy to see that if a person is enzyme deficient that the digestive system will be stressed, and once that happens the rest of the body will have a harder time staying healthy.

Here are a few conditions that can benefit from the improvements in digestion that enzymes can bring:



High Cholesterol




Sinus problems

Food allergies

Joint Pain



Hormone imbalance

High blood pressure

I’m constantly amazed at how many conditions can trace roots back to improper digestion. I know when I was making dietary changes back in my fast-food eating days that just adding more raw and fresh foods and chewing more thoroughly helped improve a ton of my issues (emotional, sinus, hormonal, digestion…I could go on, but that’s gross). What I didn’t know is that eating raw food and chewing all food thoroughly activates gobs of enzymes that occur naturally.

Today, I do both: I get natural enzymes from foods and take a supplement, especially if I know I may overeat or have particularly rich foods. Those two habits help me stay free of chronic disease and feeling pretty darn good most of the time.

I hope this post was helpful for you. If you need to know more about enzymes or need a referral to a practicioner who specializes in customizing enzymes, shoot me a note at amy at wellnessworksllc.net.

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