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How do I cook kale?

How do I cook kale?

How do I cook kale?

This week I got an email from my sis’ in law wondering how to cook kale so it does not “taste like brillo?”  Good question!

It occurred to me that lots of folks don’t interact with kale because it’s not common knowledge how to prepare it.  It made me think of my first exposure to kale prep.

It was at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2006, and at the time I hated kale.  I watched our instructor fill a pot up with water, yank the softer leafy parts off of the stems (which are discarded) and throw the leaves into the pot to boil until they are as tender as he wanted them.  10 minutes or so.  That was it.  The kale was organic, so he didn’t even wash it first!  Then he suggested eating them for breakfast.  I think at that point my head exploded, but I decided to give kale a chance.

I’m glad I did.  I still eat plain boiled kale with a little butter and salt.  But sometimes I get extra creative and throw a carrot or some corn into the pot with it for extra sweetness.

I have a friend who takes his kale to the next level by boiling it first (as above) for about 5 minutes and then draining the kale and adding it to a skillet of sauteed garlic and olive oil.  Throw in some slivered almonds, and you have a delicious gourmet side dish.

What’s your favorite way to prepare kale?  Add your input in the comments below.

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