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Health coach beauty tips: your inputs + your skin=your looks!

Health coach beauty tips: your inputs + your skin=your looks!

Health coach beauty tips: your inputs + your skin=your looks!

Many moons ago, I was a sales director in one of the largest cosmetic companies in the US.   At the time, I was about 10 years younger than I am now (almost 40!), and I used every conceivable means to stem the tide two competing issues: acne and aging.

It wasn’t until I changed my diet that I finally got my skin to calm down and start actually healing some of the damage from sun and acne scarring.  Here are a few things that I’ve learned that help me look and feel youthful without a ton of lotions and potions:

1.  Stay hydrated.  Your skin needs water more than it needs any fancy cream or salve!  Get the best filtration system you can afford, and drink up.

2. Use plant-based enzymes.  I’ve tried a bunch of brands, and found what works for me.   This is NOT one size fits all though, so see your health practicioner to get your best enzyme fit.  Plant based enzymes are THE go-to anti-aging tool.  When you use these to help you digest, you don’t have to worry about undigested food showing up as zits.   I also take an enzyme at bed-time so my body has extra help while I get my beauty sleep.

3.  Speaking of sleep, you probably need at least 8 hours a night, and if you’re not getting enough, it’s going to show up in your face first.  If you’re not sleeping well, make sure caffeine is out of your life (it keeps you up AND dehydrates you, a double dose of ugly!).

4. Avoid sugar.  Did you know that excess sugar actually shows up on your skin as “age spots”?  Enzymes help make sure it gets digested, but keeping your sugar inputs low takes the load off your system and keeps your skin clear.

5.  Keep an eye out for where you are aging fastest.  A natural health practicioner can help you find great low-toxin products for targeted beauty, but also identify which organs you can strengthen so the result show up in your face.  Cool, right?

Are you looking for more specialized beauty tips or need some advice about a particular challenge?  It’s easier than you think to look and feel better than ever.  Get in touch with me at amy@wellnessworksllc.net and ask for a “turn back the clock” hour with me.


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