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Digestion in action (aka, behold! the power of spit!)

Digestion in action (aka, behold! the power of spit!)

Digestion in action (aka, behold! the power of spit!)

Do you know anyone with these issues?:

*gas*bloating*food intolerances like gluten*Canker sores or shingles
*Skin problems such as acne, eczema, psoriasis*High cholesterol or triglycerides*Respiratory problems like wheezing or asthma*Dizziness or vertigo*Colitis, Crohns disease or IBS* Candidiasis (yeast infections)*ADD/ADHD*Emotional disturbances like anxiety, depression, mood swings or violence*

All of the symptoms above have been linked with an inability to digest carbohydrates, and that process starts in the mouth with spit!  Most people I see chew bites fewer than five times each, robbing their body of digestive juices that do all the work on carbohydrates (bread, sugar, potato, any starch, even green veggies).

The enzyme that digests carbohydrates is amylase, and it’s produced in your mouth. If you have any doubt, try crushing up a saltine cracker into two cups. In one cup, mix the cracker up with spit and the other mix it with water. See what happens.

OK, I’ll tell you. The cracker with spit will disintegrate and start to break down quickly into parts that the body can use–sugars, minerals and vitamins. The cracker with water will get mushy and then dry out in open air or it will get moldy if it’s sealed up. Which process do you want going on in your gut?

I’ve posted pictures of cracker that I mixed with spit, water, and a high quality digestive enzyme capsule a couple of hours ago. Notice the spit and the enzyme results look similar (light brown and emulsified) and the cracker with water still has chunks left that have not dissoved in the water (ie: undigested).

spit, water and enzymes, after

Spit is free, if you choose to use it, but enzymes are also an easy way to supplement if your digestive system feels stressed with any of the symptoms above. Or, take this quiz and see if anything else comes up for you.

You can find out more about enzyme deficiency and get help by appointment by phone at amy@wellnessworksllc.net or visit me at Lighthouse Chiropractic on Saturday mornings by appointment in Gainesville. Call the office at 571.248.6488 and see what times I have available.

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