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Digestion and Enzymes

Digestion and Enzymes

Digestion and Enzymes

I just returned from a busy week of travel, including three days in Philadelphia at a Loomis Institute course all about enzymes.  Imagine: 20 hours on one topic in three days; good thing this is one of my favorites!

There was a lot to learn (two binders and 20 hours worth, to be exact), and I have a test to pass in August when I go back for part 2, but it’s all part of my master plan to learn more stuff that will help me, my family and my clients live better while we’re here on the planet.  One of the most amazing things that I discover whenever I spend a weekend with a bunch of healers is that each of us brings a totally unique perspective, and I love that many different ways of creating wellness exist today.  This enzyme work marries well with all sorts of health practices, and my classmates were CNHPs like me, MDs, NDs, and DCs.

Since my background is with cooking and food, the enzyme topic is one that marries well with it.  Understanding how enzymes work answers questions like:
1.  Even though I eat healthily, why am I still sick or don’t feel well?
2.  Even though more food/nutrition is available for every man, woman and child on the planet, why are more of us chronically ill?
3.  How can an imperfect diet become the perfect food?
4.  What SHOULD I be eating and how do I find out?

I’ll give you a hint:  the very nature of how food must be processed to get it to us removes essential components of those foods to keep the food from spoiling.  That missing component is enzymes, which are literally the workhorses of the body responsible for 150,000 processes including digestion.

Want to know more about how that fits into your health?  Come see me at Lighthouse Chiropractic on Saturday the 14th (link to calendar on the website) for a demonstration on the essentials of supplementation.  Learn which things are missing from almost all of our diets and the most cost effective ways of replacing them.   See you there!

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