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Company’s coming…how ’bout a roast?

Company’s coming…how ’bout a roast?

Company’s coming…how ’bout a roast?

This is my finished vinaigrette sitting next to the roast as it “rests” with the rosemary rub on it.

I can smell the rosemary and garlic wafting out of the oven. When you cook with grass-fed beef, the cooking options expand dramatically, since knowing your farmer greatly reduces the need for “well done” meat to make it safe to eat. Tonight will be chuck roast–a cheap cut, relatively speaking–and it tastes like sirloin when you dry rub it and roast it ala The Grassfed Gourmet Cookbook‘>Grass-fed Gourmet.

We’re teaming up with the neighbors…fellow mom-blogger Cindy Santa Ana will provide the sides…salad and veggies…I am making homemade vinaigrette too. Salad dressing is one of the cheapest things to make at home–even organic–and it’s delicious and fresh. I use my homemade mayo sometimes for creamy dressings, but recently I figured out how to get more “texture” from my vinaigrette. That’s the one thing I always felt like restaurants and “bottles” did better than I: consistency. Here’s how I solved that problem. I used this recipe, and put everything except the vinegar in a food processor with the blade attachment. Then, I start the motor and drizzle the oil into the container until everything is emulsified. Sometimes I play around with the acid ingredients in this recipe and use part lemon juice or mix vinegars. I usually also add some herbs. Voilà! Dressing.

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