Learn the most effective ways to reduce stress, increase energy and improve personal wellness.

I help people get on track with their health and fitness, and you can choose from the personalized health programs I offer.


You can Get FREE ACCESS to the first TWO modules of my Exclusive Fat Loss Coaching Program Right Now PLUS a FREE eBook ($99 Value)!!!  Learn more by going to the Lose Fat with Amy website.


Want to dig deep and really get to the core of what’s going on with your health? Health coaching might be for you if:

* You’re struggling with your weight and can’t seem to find the right foods.
* You want to get control of emotional eating and learn how to manage cravings for unhealthy   choices.
* You need to learn what to cook and how to shop for truly nourishing foods.
* Your doctor or health care provider has told you to make changes to your diet and lifestyle but you don’t know where to start.
* You have a health challenge that’s influenced by diet and you want to get ahead of it before you get really sick.


Join our online community of “losers” who like to learn on their own schedule and want a coach who knows how to peel weight off fast. Lose Fat with Amy is for you if:

* You like to learn virtually and you have access to the internet for recorded lessons.
* You like to listen over and over to lessons and even tend to put educational material on your iPod.
* You need a 4 week solution to weight management that’s effective for the long haul.


Guest Speaker

 I speak to community groups and corporate audiences about a variety of topics.

 Check back for  my speaking schedule regularly to find out where I’ll be.                                                                                                               _________________________________________________________________

Corporate Wellness Program

Staying well at work is a passion of mine! I was a burned out sales person at a very young age, and I found path to wellness while still working in a busy profession. Now I bring a message of hope to every professional who wants to incorporate health and wellness into a fulfilling (and sometimes super busy) career.

Click here for my corporate offerings or call to discuss how we can bring wellness to your organization.


Get a comprehensive digestion analysis and recommendations for improving digestion, assimilating nutrients and elimination.

* Are you interested in learning about how your digestion is and isn’t working for your health?
* Do you want to learn about supplements that actually improve nutrient assimilation and can eliminate the need for more nourishment beyond the food you already eat?
* Do you feel like you’re taking supplements but not sure if they help you or harm you?

This is an awesome hour! Email me at amy@wellnessworksllc.net and request your digestion analysis, which can be done by phone or in person. Cost is $150.