Learn the most effective ways to reduce stress, increase energy and improve personal wellness.


“As a single mom with twin boys, I needed a solution for weight loss that would fit into my busy schedule as a parent with a full time job and a long commute.  In the first month with Lose Fat with Amy, I lost 8 pounds for which I am very grateful.  I’ve also eliminated my afternoon sweets cravings, and gotten my bowels moving regularly every day–I can only say that this truly has made a difference.  I have always exercised, but now I am more dedicated about taking that 30 minute walk in the morning with the dog.  She loves it and I enjoy it too when I am awake enough to be conscious.  Thank you!”


“I’m up to 18 pounds lost in two months, and I have Amy to thank for this wonderful program.  I feel great and have so much more energy!  I’ve also tamed my sugar cravings.  I loved the recipes and getting to see “a day in the life” of a health coach.”

Bree Ann:

“The best part of this program is knowledge!!  That has to be at the top of the list…I am taking that wonderful, smart information you gave us and slowly letting it get absorbed into this thick head of mine, and I am using it.  I have lost 6 lbs this month, and I feel much better and seem to have a little less body aches (assumed it was the old age creeping in?).

I thought it was a very well put together class.  I was able to listen to each week’s message and thoroughly enjoyed it.  The first week I didn’t think to look at the agenda ahead of time and print anything out.  The last 3 weeks I did that and found that was a tremendous help to me and I found myself listening to you and getting answers to some questions I had after pre-reading the material.

I also like the use of Facebook…always looking there for a new post or question someone has.  The materials being able to be printed out is a definite plus for me as I enjoy the visual information to be able to go back and refer to when I end up with a question.”


“I started my journey with you because I wanted to make changes to my diet that would benefit my family and me.  While we definitely achieved that end, what I didn’t expect was the connection I gained between my body and the rest of me.  I am so much more in tune with what fuels me, and that is something I find to be more valuable than I could ever have imagined.

This program has helped me expand my palette in ways that I never would have done on my own.  Learning about the benefits of certain foods made it easy to add them to my diet and I would say that I have transformed from a picky eater into a more adventurous eater.  I can’t believe what I have been missing out on by simply being afraid to try new things before now!

I’m happier, have more energy and a yearning to learn more about myself every day and keep making changes to be even better.  Thank you for that!”


“Losing weight and getting healthy isn’t an easy undertaking. I’ve struggled through yo-yo diets, insane workout regimens and a plethora of diet pills promising “quick results”  that I never saw. I met Amy Butchko at a particularly low point in my on-again, off-again dieting. I was 320lbs and gaining, and my diet consisted solely of fast food and “convenient” meals. I had near constant sinus issues and awful nosebleeds. I knew I needed to make some changes but felt overwhelmed by the varying nutrition philosophies and the wealth of disinformation on the internet.

Initially, I was skeptical of Amy’s approach to wellness. Nutritional discussions that involved more than just meal plans were foreign to me, but I quickly learned to appreciate how external forces seemingly unrelated to food choices affected the way I lived my life. Her program caused me to reevaluate more than just what went into my mouth, and at the end of the program I felt more confident in making decisions that were right for my body.

The plan is not about deprivation; it’s not even about making significant changes to your lifestyle. It’s all about working healthy choices into your routine and understanding your why your body reacts the way it does. My schedule keeps me on the go 10-12 hours a day and I don’t always have time to cook a full meal in the evenings. Amy’s program offers insight into making health and wellness work for you. The information about additives and chemicals in the typical American diet are invaluable and worth the money by itself; learning how to avoid unhealthy “health foods” is something no other plan offers. The understanding I gained about my cravings and how my body reacted to certain foods will direct my nutritional decisions for the rest of my life.

I went through Amy’s program in 2008, and again in 2009. The second time around ran like a master class in personal enrichment. The preconceptions that I had regarding how best to take care of my body were gone, and we were able to delve more deeply into the similarities between how I approached nutrition and how I approached my life. Her holistic approach to health gave me the tools and energy I needed to make a fundamental change in how I took care of myself. Today, I’m 50lbs lighter and still losing weight. More importantly, I’m healthier, happier, and have made no fundamental changes to my schedule to achieve my goals. I have more energy and focus than ever before, and I’ve learned to deal with external stresses in a much healthier way. My sinus issues have gotten significantly better, and I haven’t had a nosebleed in as long as I can remember.

If you’re looking for a change and need guidance to achieve your health and wellness goals, Amy’s program is definitely the one to consider. If I can offer some advice, go into her program with an open mind and don’t doubt her methods. If you’re like me, you’ve been listening to years of disinformation and misleading claims about how to balance a busy schedule and a healthy life; much of what Amy will present to you will seem counter-intuitive. Speaking from personal experience, the results long outlast the skepticism.”